Family Dentistry of Colorado Springs


The Client

Family Dentistry of Colorado Springs is a privately owned and independently operated family dental practice. Dr. Ron Kazemi strives to create a comfortable and relaxing environment where he can administer advanced dental care to patients of all ages.

The Situation

In 2019, Dr. Kazemi started a new dental practice that had no existing brand marketing, patient base, or website. As a new practice owner starting from the ground up, Dr. Kazemi wanted to immediately implement a strategy that would enable him to generate the number of new patients his practice needed to meet his revenue and production goals.

While a new website would help to attract new patients, Dr. Kazemi wanted to directly see how his marketing budget was working to increase his patient base.

“Starting with just a few patients, I needed to get the name of my practice out there to establish a place within what’s a pretty competitive marketplace,”

Dr. Kazemi

“I needed to know whether the money I was spending was actually delivering results, otherwise I would need to invest it somewhere else.”

Dr. Kazemi

The Challenge

As a new business just starting out, Dr. Kazemi wanted to know that his marketing investment was delivering the new patients DMD had promised. “When starting a new business, you don’t have any money to waste,” reports Dr. Kazemi.

Uninterested in hearing assurances that the marketing strategy DMD had implemented for his practice would one day provide the needed boost in new patient acquisition, Dr. Kazemi needed to tangibly see results backed up by data.

The Solution

To quickly establish his practice in search results, DMD began an aggressive Google Ads campaign for dentists designed to consistently have Family Dentistry’s ads appear towards the top of any related organic search result. Multiple A/B ad campaigns were created to determine which sets of keywords, ad copy, and targeted audience was receiving the best response. Demographic information was utilized to generate as many ad impressions as possible for a target patient base.

Keeping Dr. Kazemi in the loop allowed DMD to demonstrate that his ads were getting the impressions and, most importantly, the clicks needed to drive new patient acquisition. DMD continuous met with Dr. Kazemi - as often as weekly - during the PPC campaign’s initial launch to discuss strategy and how the campaign was progressing. DMD also implemented call tracking software as part of Family Dentistry’s new patient intake process so that quantitative proof could be given to Dr. Kazemi on how successful his ads.

“It was important that our ads were hitting the right type of screens, which DMD did make possible by testing different ad iterations.”

Dr. Kazemi 

“Overall, I was incredibly pleased with what they provided. Not only did they keep me involved during each step of the marketing campaign, they were also able to provide the hard data I wanted that clearly showed how my marketing budget was being spent. Bottom line, DMD delivered.”

Dr. Kazemi

The Results

DMD’s tracking of Family Dentistry’s Google Ad spend successfully enabled Dr. Kazemi to clearly see the tangible results his marketing campaign was having on new patient acquisition. Thanks to tracking stats from CallRail, DMD was able to show that dozens of calls were coming in each month during 2019 as a direct result of the practice’s Google Ads. Precise tracking showed that each interaction from the Ads campaign, either a call or click, cost an average of $4. From January to March of 2019 DMD was able to increase the number of unique visitors to the Family Dentistry’s website by 300%.

Acquired New Patients


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