The Skinner Group Dental Practice


The Client

The Skinner Group Dental Practice consists of three offices, Louisville Dental Associates (LDA), Twin Peaks Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, and Glow Comprehensive Dentistry, all located in the greater Denver metropolitan area. Each practice features a single family dentist who’s overseen by the group practice owner, Dr. Chuck Skinner.

The Situation

After purchasing Louisville Dental Associates in 2012, Dr. Skinner needed to revitalize a practice that had grown stagnant under previous management. “When Dr. Skinner first bought the practice, it was run by a retiring dentist who enjoyed a solid patient base, but who wasn’t really interested in doing any marketing or making a big push to acquire new patients,” explains Group Practice Administrator Kristin Meyer.

After Dr. Skinner started to expand by purchasing Glow and Twin Peaks, the strategic need of marketing just a single practice was replaced by a need to establish and grow three separate practices, each with its own individual identity.

“For LDA, we wanted to freshen up the website and to start a social marketing campaign.”

Group Practice Administrator Kristin Meyer

"The Skinner Group needed DMD to develop three separate marketing strategies that would enable each practice to grow within its community while still maintaining the unifying brand message of the group practice as a whole"

Group Practice Administrator Kristin Meyer

The Challenge

While all three practice fall within the greater Denver metropolitan area, each experienced a uniquely different challenge to find the new patients and revenue the group practice required.  

A fresh start was needed for the LDA marketing strategy to help grow a patient base that had become stagnant. Glow services a very affluent and remote community where it struggled to establish its brand and gain recognition. Twin Peaks had successfully established its brand within the community to attract new patients, but found it could not retain patients for more than one or two visits.

The Solution

To begin a new marketing strategy, DMD started by redesigning the website of each practice. Using the new website as the focus of a marketing campaign, DMD began to expand LDA’s profile through Google Adwords and a targeted social media campaign. Local SEO practices were also implemented to help improve LDA’s placement in organic search results.

For patients to discover Glow, the DMD team decided that a change in how the practice was marketed was needed to better direct search traffic. “The name of the practice has nothing to do with the area it’s located,” explains Kristin. “So we decided to create a new URL that helped to highlight the practice within its market.” With the previous URL of failing to attract the local search traffic needed, DMD rebranded the site to now redirect from

Twin Peaks’ patient retention issues largely stemmed from patient dissatisfaction with a dentist hired by Dr. Skinner. Once a personnel change was made, DMD started a dental social media campaign designed to spread news about the new doctor, while also encouraging old patients to give the practice another try.

“Instead of a name that doesn’t relate to the community, patients who search for a Castle Rock dentist now see our practice in their search results.”

Group Practice Administrator Kristin Meyer

“DMD has been great. Everyone there provide immediate and prompt service whenever an issue comes up. Each of our practices operate in a slightly different market, but DMD has been able to provide the individual attention and solutions we’ve required. Everyone we’ve worked with has been very professional, and there’s a reason why they’ve remained our marketing partner all these years.”

Group Practice Administrator Kristin Meyer

The Results

Within the first year, LDA saw a 15 percent increase in its ROI working with DMD. New patient acquisition also increased from 10+ a month to over 20+. Today, LDA now attracts over 60 new patients a month, a growth rate that Kristin attributes to the work performed by DMD. “Having a good website was definitely part of growing our patient base, but staying consistent with our messaging was also key.”

Now that patients could find Glow when performing a local search for a new dentist, the number of new patients that office received a month more than doubled from the low teens to now over 30. A successful rebranding campaign enabled Twin Peaks to improve its overall patient retention rate, while also increasing the number of new patients it receives to over 20 a month.

Overall, the Skinner Dental Group has enjoyed record high revenues over the last seven years. With over 3.2 million in revenue in 2019, the Skinner Group hit or exceeded its revenue goals every month in 2019, and for the first quarter of 2020. 

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