Willis Dental


The Client

Willis Dental is an independently owned dental practice that provides a comprehensive range of dental care services designed to treat every member of the family. Willis Dental strives to maintain a position as a community leader in preventative care.

The Situation

Dissatisfied with the organic search results his practice had achieved using their current marketing partner, owner Dr. David Willis decided to make a change. “I wanted where my practice appeared in organic search results to be higher, but the company I was with kept telling me it took time to achieve those results,” explains Dr. Willis. “They told me it could take years for my practice to start rising up in search results, which I had a hard time believing.”

Tired of hearing more excuses than seeing actual results, Dr. Willis finally had enough. 

“I started looking around for another marketing agency, and received a stellar referral for the team at DMD from a peer.”

Dr. Willis

“I wanted accountability and I wanted to see our organic listings improve quickly, not at some time in the distant future.”

Dr. Willis

The Challenge

As a small business with a limited marketing budget, Dr. Wills had no interest in working with another marketing agency that under delivered their results while simply treating his practice like a source of revenue. “It got to the point where the only time I heard from my old agency, they were trying to sell me a new product or service.” His business needed results, and he needed to know that whoever Willis Dental chose to work with would fulfill their promises.

DMD needed to win over Dr. Willis by demonstrating the ability to deliver the results his practice needed to grow, while also creating an open and honest line of communication.

The Solution

DMD started with a complete diagnostic of the Willis Dental brand, including where the practice was finishing in organic search results and how the website looked, functioned, and performed to identify what steps they could take to boost the practice’s online profile.

A complete website redesign was recommended as one of the initial steps towards enabling Willis Dental to jumpstart its brand. 

As part of the website redesign, we implemented practices to help boost search results. From the creation of original site content and the use of strategic keyword placement to taking ownership of local search and Google My Business listings, a comprehensive SEO strategy was developed to enable Willis Dental to climb in organic search results.

To show accountability, DMD scheduled quarterly meetings with Dr. Willis where next steps for future actions would be clearly identified. During subsequent follow up meetings, those action items were then readdressed, with results fully disclosed and discussed. “During our meetings, the DMD team is great at taking notes about they need to do, and those things are usually resolved or taken care of by the next time we talk. Every quarter, I know where we are at, what they are doing, and what the results have been. Overall, DMD has been very responsive to any inquiry or question I or my office manager may have.”

“DMD redesigned our website and it went wonderfully. It was a fabulous process where they took the lead in the design and implementation of the project, which is just what I wanted. I don’t know website design, and I don’t have the time to manage this type of project. I wanted a team capable of doing the job I hired them to do. They did everything, and the finished website is great.”

Dr. Willis

“They’ve been very responsive, competent, and accountable. DMD delivers on what they promise, and you get the results you pay for.”

Dr. Willis

The Results

By completely redesigning the Willis Dental website and by implementing a strategic marketing plan, DMD quickly improved the practice’s search results. “It was pretty immediate,” recounts Dr. Willis. “Within just a couple of months, I started seeing the results of where the practice was making improvements. It certainly didn’t take years, like I had been told before.”

With the practice’s online visibility greatly improved, Willis Dental began to enjoy a significant influx of new patients, growing from 15 a month to around 40. “The number of new patients we started receiving each month doubled, at least.” With more new patients coming through the doors, the ROI of his investment working with DMD soared. Willis Dental enjoyed a 187% ROI in 2019 on their marketing investment with DMD.

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