As an experienced dental practice marketing agency, our team at DMD understands how to implement the types of strategies and solutions that actually increase new patient acquisition. From improving your practice’s standing in organic search results to using online marketing channels with a high ROI, DMD can boost your brand to get the results you desire.

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Whether a dentist or a donut shop owner, for a business to succeed in today’s extraordinarily competitive marketplace, you need to embrace the power of search marketing. If you want more leads to come from your website, to place higher in organic search results, or achieve a higher return on your online ad spend, you need to contact DMD to discover the remarkable difference search marketing can make to your practice’s bottom line.

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Keywords act like a virtual sign post that lets Google’s algorithm know what search queries best match your website’s intent. When a user conducts a search for a “dentist near me,” “family dentist,” or “Portland dentist,” Google scans and ranks websites to appear in the organic results in an order most relevant to the user’s query. By strategically featuring these keywords across your website, you signal to Google that your site should appear towards the top of the results for any relevant search. This enables your practice to appear towards the top of a Google search ahead of the competition.

While certain keyword terms fluctuate depending on the market, there are a number of universal terms users use frequently when searching for a new dentist. Often, the most important terms revolve around geography, such as: Portland dentist, dentist in Portland, dentist in 97214, Portland family dentist, etc. By using keyword terms relevant to your practice’s geographic location, you can appear more frequently in search results for those terms.

You’re correct. No two dental practices are alike, and each needs to have its needs met individually. At DMD, we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to handle our clients. We understand that markets, services, specialties, and the type of potential new patients a practice is trying to attract all vary from client to client. That’s why we custom tailor our approach to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations.

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Absolutely. In addition to making sure your practice appears in Google maps, we take charge of your Google My Business page, social media campaigns, organic search results, and any and every other part of your practice’s online marketing presence. When you hire DMD, you gain the services of your very own marketing department.

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Of course. Powered by the team at LocalFresh, DMD has over a decades’ worth of experience working with dental practices of all sizes and specialties. Whether an orthodontist, family dentist, or an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, we’ve got you covered.

While many of our clients more than double the number of new patients they receive every month, we usually say you can expect an increase of 5 to 10 to new patients a month to start with more to follow. 

Any marketing agency that says it can immediately improve a practice’s search results isn’t being honest. Moving your business up in search results takes time, as making multiple small strategic changes work together to create a larger overall impact. Depending on the current SEO state of your website, local listings, and various other important aspects, it could take anywhere from 3 to 6 months for small improvements to become noticeable, with significant improvements achieved between 6 to 9 months.

No. Once you agree to a marketing SLA (service level agreement) with DMD, we map out your coverage area to establish an exclusive geography-based agreement. If another dentist within your geographical boundary contacts us, we will not agree to work with them while you remain a client.

Seeing your search results improve isn’t the only, or even best, means of determining how DMD’s services are helping your practice. From new patient acquisition to unique visitors to your website, we track, monitor, and record a lot of relevant data we then share with you on a quarterly basis. We can then analytically show you how DMD is improving your business’ bottom line using real numbers. We never ask you to take our word for anything, and will always back up our claims using cold, hard facts.

When you work with DMD, you gain the expertise and knowledge of a full scale marketing agency. Website design, branding, hosting, online marketing, and public relations are just a few of the many service DMD offers our clients. To see a full list of our available services, click here.