Hosting / Maintenance

A great website deserves a dependable home where you never need to worry about whether new and returning patients can gain consistent access to what your site has to offer. With our website hosting for dentists you can feel confident in knowing that your dental practice website will have access to all the features and maintenance needs required to stay up and running 24/7.

Enhanced malware protection

Secure Site certification

Regular updates

Technical support

Additional features and add-ons

Up-to-date hardware

Scalability that enables the expansion of a site as your practice grows

Guaranteed dependability


We invite you to look over the different hosting and services plans we have listed below.

Automated backups, simple restores, plus expert WordPress support, all for a low monthly rate.

Word Press Hosting & Support $89/Month

At DMD, our WordPress experts work to quickly solve any problems, and will always be to answer your questions. We pride ourselves on offering premier support to our clients. Try 100% managed DMD hosting today, and see the difference our team can make.